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We all hope to make it through this life unscathed and assume that when we pay money for a product it will work as described. Unfortunately, terrible things happen and people endure serious injuries each year while using a product. Defective medical pumps can lead to overdoses, poorly designed ladders can lead to falls with a serious injury, or harmful objects can be found in your food. No one should have to deal with these situations alone. An experienced product liability attorney is needed to pursue these types of lawsuits. In these examples of a product liability claim, the goal of the lawsuit is to lead to greater safety for our commercial and consumer products.

Commitment to Consumer Safety

Consumer Safety is of utmost importance and people expect the products they use to work as described. When through no fault of the consumer, an injury occurs as a result of using a defective product, action must be taken to remedy that moving forward and reparations must be made to the injured party. When a person is injured it can have long-lasting effects on the person’s ability to work, care for their family, or on their overall quality of life. If someone you know has suffered an injury from a defective product advise them to seek legal counsel.

Here at the Cave Law Firm, our continued dedication to consumer safety is the primary focus in defective product lawsuits. Helping each of our clients obtain a satisfactory financial recovery in their product liability claims is our primary objective. We have extensive experience in the area of product liability and have helped clients all over Eastern Tennessee to see their lawsuit to completion with positive outcomes. The attorneys at the Cave Law Firm will be aggressive in getting you the compensation that you deserve.

We can manage cases involving serious injuries or accidents resulting from dangerously designed or defective products such as:



Medical Devices


Vehicle Components

Motorcyle Components

Construction Equipment

Children’s Toys

Farm Equipment

Defective Bicycles



The above list is not conclusive. There are many products used in Tennessee and each case is fact-specific. If you are unsure if you need legal assistance with your product liability issue please contact our office for a FREE consultation. It is very important that one has sufficient legal counseling for each legal case.

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