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Lawsuits for injuries in public places are also known as premise liability claims. Premise liability claims can arise from slip-and-falls caused by liquid on the floor or from assaults resulting from insufficient security. However, where injuries in public places are concerned, the plaintiff in a Tennessee premise-liability case has the burden to prove that the property owner had known or should have known of the dangerous condition. The attorneys at the Cave Law Firm will fiercely represent you in your premise-related case and will work hard to obtain a substantial financial verdict or settlement. There is no fee unless there is a monetary recovery.

Property Owners & Municipalities are Accountable

The owner of a store, restaurant, bar, club, shopping mall, or office has the legal duty to use reasonable care to ensure a safe environment for its customers. Diligence on the owner’s part is necessary to keep all visitors, customers, or guests as safe as possible. When an owner is negligent about potentially dangerous situations and injuries in public places occur, a knowledgeable premise liability attorney is needed. If you do not know where to start, or how to prove the owner of the facility knew of the potentially hazardous situation, call the Cave Law Firm for a free consultation and guidance on how to proceed in your premise liability lawsuit.

Property owners or business owners receiving social visitors have a legal obligation to repair or warn each visitor of dangerous conditions on their property. A potential claim may arise from a fall from a defective staircase, slippery spot on a floor, or other unsafe structure. Another example is, dangerous conditions on a sidewalk can cause a trip and fall and lead to serious injury. There are a plethora of dangerous situations that can lead to a potential accident and cause serious injury. If a person suffers an injury they should not suffer alone. They need an experienced premise liability attorney to lead the lawsuit and aggressively seek financial reparations.

The attorneys at the Cave Law Firm are determined and aggressive Tennessee slip-and-fall lawyers, experienced in handling lawsuits for injuries in public places, that will apply their knowledge to work for you and your claim. Call the Cave Law Firm today for a free consultation.

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